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feedback by student attended:







One of the greatest joy you can have is not just you are profitable but the student able to perform as well. Here’s some new student first one and two weeks performance.




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Student Performance & Feedback

Can the student perform using TPS strategies? Yes many new student has achieved positive trade result in first month of trading. Just quote the latest TPS batch performance and their feedback below. More feedback can be found at http://hangsengtradingcourse.blogspot.sg/ More course review, feedback and testimonies at http://HangSengTradingCourse.blogspot.com/ More detail on classroom schedule at http://AdvanceTPS.blogspot.com/      

Trade of the month for Nov-2016

New revised syllabus for First TPS Mastery course in New Year 2017 will be on 7Jan2017 More detail at http://AdvanceTPS.blogspot.com/  

Trade of the month for July-2016

July2016 Expectancy ratio 2.91 and profit +US 6,448.

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